Student Programs

The first step in a global career

Launching your career with Carlton & United Breweries presents you with opportunities to work alongside highly capable, action oriented people and push to achieve results. You will be coached, mentored and offered experiences that at allow you to rapidly acquire new skills. Our market leading student programs are the first step in a global career.
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Brewing Operations

Brew the beer we're famous for

Carlton & United Breweries is proud to have many of the best brewing professionals, facilities and processes in the world. To maintain our world-class standards, we're committed to developing the next generation of great brewers. Our customers expect the best and the brewing team provide it.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Challenge yourself as part of a world class operation

Our supply chain team manages our network breweries, delivering the brands we are famous for to our thirsty customers in a way that is responsible, sustainable and efficient. Life in the brewery is no-stop action with high-speed lines, tight production schedules and meticulous quality standards. A career in supply will challenge you to drive innovation and achieve new levels of personal and professional excellence.


Strive for success at the fundamental level

Our procurement team balance quality, cost and risk for every purchase that puts a beer in a customer’s hands. This includes working with raw ingredients suppliers from packaging to logistics, all the way through to trade marketing materials; all the while engaging internal stakeholders across the company's functions.


Problem solve to achieve real world results

Our solutions function is responsible for much more than the name suggests. By focusing on innovation and technology, they help Carlton & United Breweries solve the problems of tomorrow by identifying and solving a variety of business challenges including predicting out-of-stock product, gaining insights from big-data analytics and supporting e-commerce platforms.


Excel in a fast paced, dynamic environment

Accelerate your career with our world class team of sales professionals as we build mutually valuable commercial relationships with our customers across Australia. Whether you’re developing a new business in the vibrant restaurant scene, securing a trading agreement with the with Australia’s iconic sporting arenas or collaborating with a large liquor retailer on a joint business plan, a career in sales gives you an opportunity to showcase your commercial acumen in a fast paced and rewarding environment.


Bring our brands to the world

The envy of the branding and advertising world, our marketers have the opportunity to build and transform some of Australia’s most beloved beer and cider brands including Victoria Bitter, Pure Blonde, Corona and Great Northern. Not for the faint of heart, our marketing function consists of roles in brand management, consumer insights, innovation, experiential marketing, event management and sponsorship as well as traditional and digital media.


Find and support tomorrow’s leaders

Our greatest strength is our people. The people function is responsible for managing our talent pipeline and ensuring we have the right people in the right roles at the right time. They help us drive results and grow our business by overseeing all recruitment as well as workforce planning, target setting, employee relations and talent management. This function is constantly evolving based on the business strategy and forecasted needs.

Legal and Corporate Affairs

With great brands comes great responsibility

Our legal and corporate affairs teams plays a key role in managing everything from M&A to PR, media relations, internal and external communications and our corporate social responsibility initiatives. They lead our responsible drinking initiatives and better world programs.


Build a structure for long-term business growth and stability

Our finance function is responsible for M&A, budgeting, accounting and business planning, all of which are an essential component of our success. Developing and implementing the strategies for sustainable growth, this function builds the strong foundations which will sustain our company long into the future.


Define and drive our vision

As the custodians of CUB’s strategic direction, the strategy team plays a critical role in shaping our vision and aligning our commercial functions to achieve our objectives. The team leads the long term planning process and provides thought leadership on business opportunities and challenges.