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23 Jul

The Merits of Meritocracy

Imagine a company where you are defined by your talent and your contribution to the organisation. A company that allows you to create your own career path, unconstrained by what you studied or what your previous experience has been. Imagine a company where extraordinary results are rewarded and celebrated company-wide. Does this sound too good […]

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16 Jul

Our Recipe for a Successful Team

We take great care in developing the recipes for our beers and ciders, choosing the best ingredients in the perfect amounts to create exceptional products that our customers love. It’s only logical, then, that if we take such care with our products, we must also take seriously the ingredients and recipe for creating the ultimate […]

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25 Jun

The sky is the limit – Caroline Aspridis

In 2002 Caroline Aspridis joined CUB as an Operations Graduate, fresh from a degree in Chemical Engineering and Arts at Melbourne University. Her subsequent career pathway has been anything but traditional, as she has made her mark on various areas of the business. Looking back at her start at CUB, what advice would she give […]

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