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Corporate Responsibility


Alcohol responsibility

The promotion of responsible consumption of alcohol is one of the core beliefs of our business.

This belief comes to life through the way we market, promote and sell our products. We undertake campaigns in conjunction with our key partners and associations to encourage responsible consumption. We also ensure all of our products carry a message encouraging responsible consumption.

Advertising responsibility

CUB is committed to the responsible marketing and advertising of our products. Alcohol advertising is among the most widely regulated in the world. In Australia, CUB complies with our internal Policy on Commercial Communication, and is a signatory and supporter of the industry led Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code.

The ABAC scheme includes Code, pre-vetting system that is quasi mandatory for TV advertisements and an independent panel to review compliance. You can find out more information on ABAC here.

If you have any concerns regarding CUB’s advertising please contact us directly at or lodge a complaint directly to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Responsible consumption of alcohol

CUB believes that all consumers should be provided with balanced and accurate information so that individual consumers can make decisions about their own alcohol consumption.

The National Health and Medical Research Council developed guidelines to assist consumers to minimise potential harmful consequences of alcohol consumption. Please visit the National Health and Medical Research Council website to learn more.


CUB was a founding member and is one of the largest contributors to DrinkWise.

DrinkWise is an industry funded organisation set up to drive cultural change around alcohol consumption in Australia. You can find out more about DrinkWise here.





CUB’s approach to Sustainable Development is encapsulated within the AB Inbev sustainability program: “A Better World”. Please follow this think for more information:

Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO)

CUB also participates in the Federal Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities programme aimed at the identification and implementation of activity to reduce overall energy usage.  CUB’s participation in this programme is consistent with the SABMiller Plc. Energy and Carbon Sustainable Development policy area and the work undertaken to fulfil its requirements is also used to ensure compliance with the EEO requirements.  CUB’s latest EEO Public Report can be accessed here.