Carlton & United Breweries




Carlton & United Breweries connects our iconic brands with local and national organisations through commercial partnerships.

We are proud to currently have partnerships within a number of core areas including AFL, NRL, Australian Cricket, horse racing and music festivals.

If you are seeking commercial sponsorship support from Carlton & United Breweries please familiarise yourself with our Sponsorship Guidelines below:

Aim of Sponsorship

CUB sponsorship activities aim to build our positive corporate reputation within the communities in which we operate, engage in a mutually rewarding way with our major stakeholders and deliver against commercial objectives.

What is a Commercial Sponsorship?

A commercial sponsorship is a agreement to buy an asset or level of association, for cash or in-kind (including product) from a licensed rights holder (i.e venue/event/organization/media) in exchange for benefits beyond pourage rights. These benefits can be leveraged, typically including:


Pourage refers to an agreement to buy the rights to sell beverage products at a licensed venue / event. Pourage rights usually involve a form of rebate, whereby CUB pays a rate per litre to secure the rights to supply product at the venue / event.

Assessment Criteria

Every Year CUB receives thousands of sponsorship requests. While CUB recognises all requests have individual merit, we must focus the company’s resources on business objectives and the perceived benefits.

While the scale and complexity of CUB business objectives requires multiple sponsorship activities, our intention is to focus on a small number of meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our emphasis will be on creating or pursuing activities that contribute the most benefits and are aligned to our business and corporate objectives.

All sponsorship requests must:

In addition to the general criteria, commercial sponsorship requests will also be assesses for:

CUB will not sponsor:

Sponsorship Process Overview

Below is a summary of our sponsorship process. We ask that you familiarise yourself with the process before applying online. CUB aims to respond to each applicant within five (5) weeks.

1.  Review CUB sponsorship guidelines above.

2.  Based on this, decide whether your application is appropriate.

3.  Lodge your request by completing the form available here (you may attach supporting documentation).

These guidelines are indicative only and they are not intended to limit the ability of CUB to approve of or reject a sponsorship application for any other reasons.