Carlton & United Breweries



Foster's Brewery Cricket Club 1904

1903 – Carlton, Fosters, Victoria, Shamrock, Castlemaine and McCracken breweries formed into a cartel known as the Society of Melbourne Brewers.

VB label 1907The Melbourne Cooperative Brewery - 1904

1904 – Melbourne Co-operative Brewery Co. Ltd is formed.

1907 – Foster’s unites with the Carlton, Victoria, Shamrock, McCracken and Castlemaine breweries to form Carlton & United Breweries (CUB). Montague Cohen, a lawyer and chairman of the Foster’s brewing company is instrumental in bringing these breweries together.

1907 – The VB letters are added to the Bitter Ale bottle for the first time.

Victoria Brewery

Pictured above – Victoria Brewery, Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.