Better World

Carlton & United Breweries dreams of creating a Better World. One that is cleaner, greener and more sustainable. One that is safer because all people drink responsibly. One where we help make a better Australia for everyone.

We are committed to using our scale, resources, and ability to bring people together to help create a Better World. And every member of our team, from procurement to sales to marketing, is responsible for helping deliver this commitment.

better world

Sustainability Goals

We are a leading manufacturing business with a history stretching back over 180 years. We are committed to creating a healthy, natural environment and thriving communities so we can continue brewing beers that bring people together for the next 180 years and beyond.

We have adopted ambitious sustainability targets to deliver on this commitment. These targets drive progress across our entire supply chain – from the farms that supply our ingredients to the packaging for our beer.

Climate Action

We are committed to sourcing 100% of purchased electricity from renewable sources by 2025, a goal we expect to reach well before then.

We took an important step towards achieving this in 2018 when we signed a 12-year Power Purchase Agreement with German renewable energy developer and service provider BayWa r.e. This power is sourced from their giant solar farm outside Mildura in northern Victoria and provides most of our electricity needs.

The remainder will soon be delivered by solar panels, which we are installing on the roofs of our breweries in 2020.

Circular Packaging

We have pledged that 100% of our products will be in packaging that is returnable or made from majority-recycled content by 2025. In addition to this, we have also committed to going either 100% plastic free or using recycled plastic by 2025.

In August 2018, our Cascade Brewery discontinued plastic six-pack ring packaging on cans. This packaging will be discontinued by our other breweries in 2019.

Water Stewardship

Without water, there is no beer, so it’s logical that we’re committed to reducing our water usage and improving efficiency across our breweries. Our Yatala brewery in Queensland is a world leader in water efficiency and home to a world-class Water Reclamation Facility.

Smart Agriculture

The best quality beer comes from the best quality ingredients. Beer makes an enormous contribution to the Australian agriculture industry and CUB is committed to supporting Australian farmers.

We are investing in the development of new barley varieties to increase quality and to provide long-term commercial opportunities for our farmers.


CUB is proud to support the communities that support us. We draw upon our greatest asset, our people, to make a difference where it is needed. Our Better World Committee plays a key role in these initiatives, bringing together the expertise of dozens of passionate employees to create meaningful change.

Water Cans

In December last year, we launched a free drinking water can program for Queenslanders whose water supply is cut off during natural disasters.

The program is an Australian-first and was launched with the Queensland Government and not-for-profit GIVIT.

The cans have already been delivered to people affected by the Townsville floods and bushfires outside Gladstone.

We delivered the program to Queensland before anywhere else in Australia because it’s where many of Australia’s worst natural disasters hit.

CUB is committed to the program for the long haul. With our canning capabilities and transport networks, we can make a program such as this work.

We have thousands of cans ready to go in Queensland and stand ready to stop brewing to produce more water when required.

The program relies on the generous donations of can manufacturers Orora and packaging supplier Visy.

Let It Pour

Great Northern held Let It Pour events in pubs across the country in August 2018 to raise funds for drought-stricken farmers.

The campaign saw Australians across the country unite to help farmers in need.

It raised more than $1 million, with Great Northern donating 1000 kegs and $250,000.

Global Campaigns

CUB is a proud part of the AB InBev family.

We are proud that our global brands are helping consumers everywhere create a Better World. From Corona’s partnership with marine organisation Parley for the Oceans to protect 100 islands, to Stella Artois’ Pour It Forward program that provides clean water in the developing world, CUB is part of an inspiring network that is making a difference.

Diversity & Inclusion

CUB is a workplace where everyone is included and respected. We’ve helped achieved this through things such as the Amber League, which provides a community for women in our company to develop, to the L.A.G.E.R. committee, which is CUB’s own LGBTI network. You can learn more about the streams within our Diversity & Inclusion committee here.


Smart Drinking

We are passionate about brewing great beers that bring people together and we aspire for a healthier world where every experience with our products is a positive one. Harmful use of alcohol is bad for our consumers, families, communities, and business.

Although the causes of harmful drinking are multiple, companies can and must play a positive role.

Influencing social norms

We’re proud to be a major contributor of DrinkWise Australia, an organisation that promotes generational change in the way Australians approach and consume alcohol through national information and education campaigns.

Expanding product portfolio

We are market-leading innovators with a strong portfolio of high-end brands and mid, low and non-alcohol options

These beers now make up around 25% of total sales. They’re helping provide more options for Australians to moderate their consumption of alcohol.

This includes Carlton Zero, which is the first non-alcoholic beer in our 180-year history.

It has been one of the most successful launches we’ve ever had as people look for more opportunities to enjoy beer responsibly.