29 Jan



The nation’s most iconic beer, Victoria Bitter, is launching its first new major advertising campaign in more than five years, championing the skills and intelligence needed to get the hard work done in modern Australia.   

The famous VB anthem – voiced by Aussie screen legend William McInness – has been changed to a “A hard earned thirst means a whole lot more”, and while you can still get the thirst lifting, shifting and riding, the new ads have evolved to show the capability and skill needed for hard-working jobs. 

Carlton & United Breweries’ Head of classic beer Sarah Wilcox said the ads are about working smarter, not harder, in 2024.  

“VB has always proudly stood for an honest day’s work, and the blood, sweat and tears that go into that. But it’s time to re-define what hard work means,’’ Ms Wilcox said. 

“Hard work is not just physical. It’s about celebrating the skills and technical capability of hard working Aussies to get the job done properly,’’ she said.

The new ads show an arborist – the ‘Pythagoras of eucalyptus’ – using mathematics to safely fell a tree between two buildings, and a motorbike rider – the ‘surgeon of steel’ – fixing his bike 200 clicks from anywhere.  

The campaign also highlights that a thirst can be earned off the traditional worksite, in many other crafts that include surfboard shapers & music roadies. 

“We know the VB ads and anthem are as iconic as our beer. VB is still best served ice cold, but the world has changed since the ads first aired in the 1980’s, and we think these new ads reflect that,” Ms Wilcox said.   

The new campaign will premiere on Sunday 28 January across broadcast television, outdoor, radio, online and social.


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