21 Oct

50,000 kegs for Melbourne pubs re-opening

50,000 kegs for Melbourne pubs re-opening

Carlton & United Breweries’ Abbotsford brewery is producing an extra 50,000 kegs of fresh tap beer so that beer lovers don’t go thirsty after pubs re-open tomorrow.

The kegs contain around 2.5 million litres – equivalent to nearly 9 million pots or more than 4 million pints – of well-loved beers including Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught and Pure Blonde.

After coming off the line at the inner-city Abbotsford brewery, the kegs are being transported on trucks to venues across the city in time for the re-opening.

CUB’s General Manager of Marketing, Brian Phan said:

“This is a momentous occasion for the city. It’s been a long time between drinks for Melburnians so we’ve ramped up production to ensure pubs are well-stocked with fresh, ice-cold beer for people to enjoy with their mates.

“Re-supplying some of Australia’s most popular beers to pubs right across Melbourne has been a huge logistical challenge. But it’s great we can help get the hospitality industry back on its feet by ensuring they have plenty of fresh beer to sell.

“Publicans have done it tougher than most. Now instead of pouring beer down the drain, they can finally pour it into the glasses of thirsty Melburnians and get registers ringing again.”

To make the extra 50,000 kegs this month, the Abbotsford Brewery has more than doubled its keg production to a total of 90,000 kegs this month. These numbers will ramp up even more in the warmer months.

Brian said Melburnians should be congratulated for doing their bit to help re-open Melbourne’s beloved pubs.

“Cheers to Melburnians for rolling up their sleeves – every jab has brought us one step closer to this special day.

“It’s a particularly special occasion for Melbourne’s hospitality venues. Lockdowns have had a devastating impact and we hope they never have to endure them again.”

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