30 Nov

Aussie icon Foster’s makes classic comeback

Aussie icon Foster’s makes classic comeback


Foster’s, the beer that helped put Australia on the international map, is being relaunched to local drinkers thirsty for a return to trusted iconic brands.

Brewer Carlton & United Breweries has announced it will be boosting production of Foster’s Classic by 300 per cent in coming months.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has led Aussies to embrace nostalgia and yearn for simpler times,’’ said CUB’s Head of Classic brands Hayden Turner.

“Foster’s is an iconic brand Australians know and trust so it is really no surprise drinkers have told us they want more. We’re confident Foster’s can continue to grow again and develop a strong following like Melbourne Bitter and Reschs have done recently,’’ Mr Turner said.

Mr Turner said with COVID-19 causing tough economic times, CUB is making it easier for people by launching a value-for-money Foster’s 30-can slab that will be competitive with affordable rivals.

Foster’s was created by two Irish-American brothers, William M. and Ralph R. Foster, who arrived in Melbourne from New York in 1886. The brothers began brewing Foster’s Lager in November 1888 and it was made available to the public from February 1889. It was the first beer to pioneer cold beer and it is still brewed at Melbourne’s Abbotsford Brewery.

Foster’s remains one of Australia’s most recognisable brands thanks to memorable advertising fronted by Paul Hogan in the 1980s. While international sales have remained strong in recent years, local sales declined, replaced by the much-loved CUB brands like Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught.

While known internationally as the quintessential Australian beer brand, Foster’s Lager used the slogan “The Amber Nectar” in Australia and the UK, and “Australian for Beer”, elsewhere overseas.  From 1964, the brand was promoted in the UK by comedian Barry Humphries and in the 1980s Paul Hogan fronted classic Foster’s ads which helped make the beer one of Australia’s most recognisable exports.

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