03 Jul

Australian on-tap cocktail range goes global

Australian on-tap cocktail range goes global

A home-grown Aussie cocktail range is taking on the world this year, with the product now available in the UK.

Lexington Hill went on sale at 20 London bars and other venues last month. The draught cocktail has been embraced by UK drinkers and will be expanded to other parts of the country later this year.

The overseas expansion follows its rapid success in Australia, where it has been stocked by around 250 bars and other venues since launching in August last year.

Lexington Hill was developed in Australia by Carlton & United Breweries to give consumers a high-quality and consistent drink much quicker than it takes to make regular cocktails. The range includes Espresso Martini made with premium cold-drip coffee and Margarita on the Rocks made with blue agave tequila blanco.

Lexington Hill Senior Marketing Manager Marc Lord said: “Over one million Lexington Hill cocktails have been sold in Australia since the launch less than a year ago. Its success has been noticed overseas and expansion into further markets beyond the UK is on the horizon.

“Cocktails are increasingly popular but they can take a long time to prepare. This means longer queues and higher prices for a product that can be inconsistent between venues, even from bartender to bartender. This innovation reduces barriers and allows new consumers to explore the cocktail culture.

“CUB has got over 100 years’ experience delivering the freshest and best draught experience, so we thought we could help by giving people great cocktail experiences every time. We have an opportunity to change cocktail culture not only in Australia, but globally.

“We’re proud to be innovating to meet Australians’ evolving needs and taking it to the world.”

The UK cocktails, which are sold there as Lex Hill, are distilled in the UK using the same ingredients and methods pioneered in Australia.

Earlier this year, Lexington Hill products also launched in Australia in take home packs at major retailers.

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