26 Nov

Carlton Dry come after Mariah with ‘it’s the most wonderful time for a beer’

Carlton Dry come after Mariah with ‘it’s the most wonderful time for a beer’

In anticipation of another punishing festive season, beloved Aussie beer Carlton Dry has created a catch-cry Christmas song. A tongue-in-cheek cover of the Christmas classic, ‘The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer’ is buoyant yet ballsy and bound to become a staple on the office Spotify Christmas playlist.

The track, performed by the Carlton Dry Christmas Orchestra, bemoans workplace hookups, car park traffic jams and of course fights in the kitchen about politics and religion. The comedic Christmas song was created for those who “know things are dire when they’re playing Mariah” so in a bold gesture – befitting of the competitive Christmas chart period – Carlton Dry have made it their prime objective to knock Mariah off the number one position on the Australian Spotify streaming charts in the week approaching Christmas.

Much has been made of the success of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, but fondness for the track is not shared by all. The bubbly refrains of the iconic pop tune are often in direct contrast to the realities of Christmas chaos, and a recent UK poll even named the track the ‘Most Annoying Christmas Song’. Another suggested that Christmas is one of the six most stressful life events one can endure.

We know there are plenty of Aussies out there who aren’t terribly stoked about Christmas and are getting a touch over listening to the same songs about a ‘perfect’ Christmas every year. This song is for them. And in the spirit of some healthy Christmas competition, we’ve made it our only Christmas wish to dismantle Queen Mariah’s throne, even just for one day.” explains Carlton Dry’s Associate Director, Hayden Turner

To join Carlton Dry in their quest, make ‘The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer’ your Christmas song of choice, and have yourself an uncomplicated little Christmas.

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