13 Jan

Carlton Dry: We were wrong on ring pulls

Carlton Dry: We were wrong on ring pulls

In October last year, we replaced the twist tops on our Carlton Dry stubbies with ring pulls.

We thought this would make Australia’s most uncomplicated beer even simpler. We were wrong.

We’ve listened to our consumers and it’s clear they prefer opening their beers the more traditional way.

So we’re going back to twist tops. It wasn’t broken and we shouldn’t have tried to fix it.

We are sorry to our loyal Carlton Dry drinkers. Of all the brands to overcomplicate things, it should never have been us.

We hope this is a step towards consumers enjoying opening our beer again.

The Carlton Dry twist tops will be back in the market in March.

Carlton Dry is one of Australia’s most popular beers – its great taste at a good price is a key reason for this.

At the time we changed to ring pulls, Carlton Dry bottles were also reduced from 355ml to 330ml so we could avoid increasing the price – keeping it as one of the most affordable beers on the market.

To keep our prices unchanged on the Carlton Dry stubbies we’re not passing on any of our increases in production costs for a 12-month period and we won’t pass on the Government’s February increase in beer tax. This will help keep Carlton Dry prices as low as possible.

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