25 Jun

Exporting more than beer – Daniel Spirdonoff

Exporting more than beer – <em>Daniel Spirdonoff</em>

As a member of the AB InBev family, Carton & United Breweries offers unparalleled global career opportunities for the passionate and ambitious. In the last four months, four CUB staff members have been appointed to overseas roles – three in New York and one in Switzerland.

One of these talented team members is Daniel Spirdonoff, who heads off to Switzerland on his new career adventure.

Daniel Spirdonoff

What I’ve done
Over the last six years in CUB’s Legal team I’ve worked across the commercial functions of CUB, in Sales, Marketing, Sponsorships, Licensing, IP and Distribution. My role as Legal Director – Commercial, Asia Pacific South involved managing the legal risks associated with these areas, making sure we market and sell our products in a legally compliant manner and protecting our suite of world-class brands.

Where I’m going

I’m heading to Zug, Switzerland to be Legal Director – Global Procurement. In this new role I’ll be providing legal support for AB InBev’s Global Procurement team, with a primary focus on the procurement of indirect inputs (commercial services, travel, professional services, IT outsourcing etc).
I feel excited, proud and humbled that CUB has backed me to move half way around the world, entirely out of my comfort zone, to experience new challenges and opportunities, learn new skills and work with more amazing people.

What I’m excited about

Being part of the Global team is very exciting. I’ve worked at CUB for over six years and have a very good understanding of the Australian market and how we operate. My new role will provide the opportunity to gain a great understanding of how our global business operates.
I’m looking forward to interacting with AB InBev colleagues in all Zones around the world, and I’m also looking forward to working on global supply partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies, which will be a great experience!

I hope to bring a bit of ‘Aussie flair’ to Switzerland and to help the company to continually improve, evolve and deliver on results.

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