25 Jun

From Forensics to Beer – Hayley Fazakerley

From Forensics to Beer – <em>Hayley Fazakerley</em>

The team at CUB is made up of people from extremely diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Part of what makes us so unique as a company is that we don’t focus on what you studied or where you’ve been – we’re much more concerned with what you can do.

Joining CUB in 2014 as a Sales and Service Representative in our Contact Centre, Hayley Fazakerley left behind a career in forensic biology that she had studied for and worked towards for seven years.

‘I studied a very niche degree at university and worked in the scientific field within the government sector before changing my career direction completely. What I love about this is that I’ve been able to use the practical elements of my degree and merge them with on-the-job training at CUB to upskill and continue to grow in a totally new industry. I’ve always felt well supported here with training, learning and the provision of tools to help bridge any gaps. I owe a lot of my success in the company to this.

Before starting with CUB, my perception of the organisation was fairly shallow and surface level. I was keen to work with some big-hitting brands while having a good time. I was thinking it would be a light-hearted environment that would be a refreshing change from the career I had studied for.’

This superficial conception of the business has been dispelled over the four years Hayley has been part of the CUB family. ‘Something new will challenge me every day in the role I’m in. I guess that’s what happens when you are working in a fast-paced environment – you are exposed to more and regularly taken out of your comfort zone.

I often get asked, “How hard can it be to sell beer?!” and before I worked in the industry I was probably of the same opinion. However, I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard in my life!’

Hayley’s hard work has seen her develop and progress within the organisation, in fact she has held five roles in four years. From her initial position in our Contact Centre Hayley then took a role as Venue Partner in The Beer Collective, from where she moved to Business Development Executive and then to Key Account Executive before stepping up to her current role of Key Account Manager.

Taking your career into your own hands and setting goals for yourself is key to advancing within CUB. Hayley actively networked with colleagues in roles that she was aiming for in order to learn how to bridge the gap between her current position and her future career goals.

‘My mantra has always been that if workloads increase it means I have more opportunities to meet new publicans, learn new skills and build relationships with different people within the business. The number of opportunities and rewards that are there for the taking is surprising. If you want to work, you will be rewarded. There is a huge network of passionate and hardworking colleagues (and customers) who I get to collaborate with daily. They’ve been there to support me but also to push me to do more, learn more and accomplish more than I thought I was capable of.’

So, what’s next for Hayley?

‘I’d love the opportunity to step up to lead a team and take part in the strategic planning and decision-making for a state.’

Hayley is excited about her future at CUB in a career she finds rewarding in ways that go far beyond the financial: ‘Money can’t buy experiences! Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I’m in a room full of sporting stars or walking on the MCG or enjoying a few chalices of Stella Artois at the Portsea Polo. I can’t wait to see what happens next.’

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