15 Oct

My career advice – Emily Griffiths

My career advice – <em>Emily Griffiths</em>

Ambition and hard work have been the driving forces behind Emily Griffiths’ successful career. After making her mark in management consulting, Emily made the move to CUB. Here she has continued to forge an exciting and varied career path, relishing the opportunities the company is keen to offer to those eager to step up to a challenge.

Joining the team at CUB five years ago as a Strategy Manager, Emily knew right away that she’d come to a place where her talents could blossom and her experience in strategy and operations consulting could be put to good use. She says, ‘As soon as I met with the team at CUB I was impressed by the people and their passion for the brands. I loved that everyone was so united by a common goal.’

Emily was also excited about being able to focus deeply on one industry, rather than on multiple industries and companies as she’d done in management consulting. It wasn’t long before her ability and her willingness to seize an opportunity saw her appointed Asia Strategy Manager, a Hong Kong-based position. Thanks to her love of travel and of a challenge, she thrived in the role. ‘I was really encouraged and supported to take this step outside of my comfort zone,’ she says.

CUB’s approach to career development has led to Emily developing expertise and experience in areas she has previously had none, such as marketing. As Marketing Manager for Pure Blonde, Emily proved once again her versatility and ability to rise to a challenge, qualities CUB as an organisation was only too happy to reward. Emily reflects, ‘In the years I’ve been at CUB I’ve had the opportunity to work with experienced leaders across many disciplines, and really benefited from the willingness of CUB (and AB InBev) to back its employees to take on amazing opportunities.’

The company is very supportive of those employees who are willing and able to work cross-functionally. Emily appreciates the fact that there’s no ‘box-ticking’ mentality and no single, typical career path. ‘CUB is happy to upskill and cross-train anyone with the enthusiasm and the drive to succeed.’

In her current role Emily oversees global brands including Stella Artois, Budweiser and Corona. This role provides her with the challenge of leading a team and running multiple brands, as well as being part of the senior commercial leadership team that plays a larger role in driving commercial results. ‘Every day brings something new and different and I’m constantly learning, which makes life very interesting.’

So, with so many exciting possibilities for the next stages of her career, where does Emily want to go next? ‘There’s still so much I want to achieve in this current role, and I still have plenty to learn so I’m in no rush to move on yet.,’

Over the course of her career, Emily has learned many valuable lessons. She strongly believes that every experience is a learning opportunity, even if it might not necessarily seem so at the time. ‘Every project and challenge contributes to both your leadership and functional skills. I’m certainly grateful for every experience I’ve had to date and can see how everything I’ve done has helped me get to where I am today.’ During her most challenging times, such as returning to work after maternity leave, Emily learned the value of a supportive work culture and she sees it as one of her responsibilities going forward to offer similar support to other women in the same situation.

Emily also believes in the value of forward planning for subsequent roles and making the most of the breadth and variety of opportunities available at CUB. Her career advice to others? ‘Be ambitious, be inquisitive, and take control of your career. Life moves at a fast pace at CUB and those who have a clear ambition are rewarded!’

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