12 Dec

No questioning Australia’s number 1 pub beer

No questioning Australia’s number 1 pub beer

Australia’s favourite pub beer, Carlton Draught, has joined forces with the country’s pub trivia kings to create a series of questions under the bottle cap only true Aussies will know the answers to.

If you know who Tommy Hafey famously called the ‘back pocket plumber’, then you could be king of trivia among your mates. Spoiler: it was Kevin Sheedy.

Melbourne’s Quiz Meisters, including the ABC’s Ben Cardwell and The Chase’s “Shark”, Brydon Coverdale, meticulously crafted each question.

“Our trivia is about mates getting together and showing each other how many useless facts they know,” said Quiz Meisters Co-Founder Pete Curry.

“We generate weekly banter and healthy competition. Quiz Meisters believe that question writing is an art-form. The result is instant trivia at the twist of the wrist.”

The new trivia questions are part of a subtle refresh for Carlton Draught, with new packaging reflecting its position among modern day beers.

Still the number one tap beer in Australia, Carlton Draught has been consumed in pubs for more than 150 years. Draught was only introduced in bottles in 1967.

Steeped in heritage, the Carlton Draught branding has undergone many incarnations over the years, but one thing that will never change is our commitment to making some of the freshest and delicious beer in Australia.

“We’ve stood the test of the time, and that’s because we’re about fresh beer. Nothing more, nothing less,” said Carlton Draught Marketing Director, Juan Uranga.

“A beer shared with mates is the best kind of beer. Our consumers told us we needed some new pub trivia, so we went to the best quiz masters in Australia, at the same time taking the opportunity to make a few subtle changes to our packaging.”

The Carlton Draught logo has been updated, with the iconic Clydesdales now pushing forward, a strain of barley added to show the quality of our local ingredients and the ‘Brewery Fresh’ signature highlighted.

The logo on the top label is an acknowledgment of our history, from humble beginnings as a small brew from Carlton, Victoria.

Brand design studio, What Came Next, was tasked with updating the Carlton Draught logo.

“We needed to evolve the Carlton Draught branding, but not change it to the extent we lost those who have grown up with the iconic logo. We want to attract the next generation of adults to enjoy Draught,” said Glenn Kiernan, Creative Partner at What Came Next.

The official beer of the AFL, Carlton Draught has been brewed fresh since 1864.

New trivia questions include:

Farrokh Bolsara was better known by what name?
Which AFL star played a record 244 consecutive games?
Po’boy, fluffernutter and Reuben are all types of what?
Which NSW town features a ute on a tall pole?
Which ABC TV show celebrated 50 years on air in 2016?

Packaging design – What Came Next, Sydney
Trivia questions – Quiz Meisters, Melbourne
Trivia answers:
Freddie Mercury
Jim Stynes
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