23 Jul

The Merits of Meritocracy

The Merits of Meritocracy

Imagine a company where you are defined by your talent and your contribution to the organisation. A company that allows you to create your own career path, unconstrained by what you studied or what your previous experience has been. Imagine a company where extraordinary results are rewarded and celebrated company-wide. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t!

Joining an organisation, like CUB, that functions and thrives as a meritocracy, means that such a dream need no longer be relegated to the imagination — we are making it a reality every day, for every employee. Just ask Jean-Phillipe Richer, our Senior Director – People Analytics, Innovation and Rewards. “Results don’t lie. It is very rewarding to work for an organisation that values strong achievements as an individual and as a team. I really feel I control my career path that way.”

We talk about meritocracy a lot at CUB; it is integral to our operations and our culture. So, what are the benefits for you, if you join our meritocracy?

• You will not be defined or limited by your particular course of study or your previous roles. Typically, your degree and training define where you can and can’t go in your career, but not at CUB!

• You will be measured by your talent and your achievements. This means if you work hard, think outside the box and deliver a positive impact for the company, not only will these contributions be recognised but you will be rewarded with new opportunities and challenges

• There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ career path. Just because you started in finance doesn’t mean you couldn’t end up in marketing. At CUB, the sky is the limit. Whether your ultimate goal is to be a VP or a head brewer, we will support your dreams.

• A meritocracy fosters innovation. An open exchange of ideas allows everyone to share their opinions, ultimately bringing the best and brightest ideas into fruition and keeping us at the cutting edge of the industry.

• CUB is proud of its culture of high achievement and success. When one succeeds, we all succeed, and a meritocracy encourages each of us to be better and to do better.

Leadership is encouraged at all levels of the organisation. People are inspired and passionate because they are given autonomy, opportunities and the chance to take control of their own career path. And it works! Chloe Appleton, our Value Creation and Transformation Director, has taken advantage of CUB’s meritocracy to grow her career: “It has given me the confidence to challenge the status quo and pave my own way. I’ve been able to shape each of my roles, which have taken me from being a hard-working and dedicated team member to a leader who motivates and inspires my own team to take charge of their careers.”

At Carlton & United Breweries, our people are encouraged to think creatively and to push the limits. The greater the results, the bigger the challenges and opportunities that are thrown their way. We know that our greatest strength is our people, and our commitment to meritocracy is fundamental to the successes of both our individual team members and our organisation as a whole.

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