13 Aug

Victoria Bitter introduces Thirst. A Scent by VB.

Victoria Bitter introduces Thirst. A Scent by VB.

Victoria Bitter is launching Thirst. A scent by VB to help hard-working Australians get from the worksite to the pub at knock off time, even if that’s the bar from home for now.

The brewers at VB partnered with leading Australian perfumers to create a big, bold scent that is crafted with premium perfume oil along with the essence of Australian Super Pride hops used to brew Victoria Bitter. The perfect scent for hard-working Australians.

Thirst. A scent by VB is a fragrance that celebrates that satisfying moment of knock off. Opening with a refreshing combination of bitter citrus and icy aromas, the fragrance finishes with the bold freshness and energy of sweet hoppy accents. In other words, it smells great.

Thirst. A Scent by VB ambassador, Harley Breen said: “Thirst is a scent that every man can get around. It will make you wanna sniff your mate after a full day on the tools.”

Victoria Bitter’s Marketing Director, Hayden Turner said: “We love hard work, but let’s be honest, no one wants to be the person who brings the smell of the worksite to the pub, which is why we created Thirst.

“It enhances that perfect knock off moment – a spray of Thirst, followed by an ice cold VB at the pub with your mates. We wanted to honour that moment with a fragrance that every hard-working, VB drinking, Aussie man would be proud to wear.”

Launched just in time for Father’s Day, Thirst. A Scent by VB is available at Chemist Warehouse stores nation-wide, plus limited stock is available at the Victoria Bitter merchandise store.

To purchase Thirst. A scent by VB online, visit or


Bitter citrus notes give way to floral spice and sweet hoppy accents, with subtle imaginings of freshly cut barley.*

*But don’t trust whoever wrote this stuff. Give it a try yourself.


Inspired by the iconic Victoria Bitter stubby, the packaging acts as a reminder to freshen up. It fits perfectly in the toolbox, glove box or sports bag.

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