22 Feb

Vodka Cruiser launches new brand platform ‘Say Less’

Vodka Cruiser launches new brand platform ‘Say Less’

Comedian Lucinda “Froomes” Price revealed as new brand ambassador

Australia’s favourite ready-to-drink vodka premix brand, Vodka Cruiser, has launched its new brand platform ‘Say Less’ via TBWA\Melbourne.

Inspired by ‘nowstalgia’, where nostalgia meets Y2K culture, the campaign champions confidence, infectious energy and a cheeky attitude. The brand tagline Say Less, simply means being 100% on board, whether your friends are offering you the AUX cord, an invite to a pool party or grabbing a pair of servo sunnies.

To help bring the platform to life, Vodka Cruiser has signed Aussie comedian and CEO of FROOMESWORLD, Lucinda Froomes Price as its new brand ambassador.

“I have been obsessed with Vodka Cruiser since I was legally allowed to be, so this partnership has me feeling like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. I’m beyond excited to be cooking up some fun, fruity ideas for the year ahead and can’t wait to share them with my fellow Vodka Cruiser superfans,” says Price.

Brand Manager of Vodka Cruiser, Michael O’Donoghue explains, “Over the past two decades, Vodka Cruiser has managed to influence a number of generations. For some, Vodka Cruisers are a throwback – and for others, it’s their favourite drink right now.

“We set out to create a platform that would effortlessly celebrate our past, but also pave the way for its future. Fortunately for us, the resurgence of the Y2K fashion trend couldn’t be a more perfect fit, and we are super excited about how it brings to life the attitude and personality of Vodka Cruiser.”

The new brand platform, created by TBWA\Melbourne, will feature in PR, social media, Spotify, Vevo and Twitch across the next 12 months. For more information on Vodka Cruiser, visit


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GM CUB Premium Beverages at Carlton & United Breweries: Michael Ritoli
Head of Portfolio, RTDs & Spirits: Ben Eyles
Brand Manager: Michael O’Donoghue
Assistant Brand Manager: Jacob Gyzen
Project Lead: Nathalia Chua
Consumer Insights Manager: Johanna Isaacs
Senior Manager Media & Digital: Christie McGuire
Digital Planner: Sophie Baker

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