06 May

Zero to hero: non-alcoholic beer takes on soft drink giants

Zero to hero: non-alcoholic beer takes on soft drink giants

Carlton & United Breweries is launching a bold new advertising campaign to get adults to switch from sugary soft drinks to Carlton Zero.

The new ad will air across the country during AFL and NRL broadcasts and can be viewed here.

Carlton Zero went on sale in September last year. It is the first non-alcoholic beer in CUB’s 180-year history and has been one of its most successful ever launches, outstripping expectations with around $10 million in sales already.

CUB CEO Peter Filipovic said: “We launched Carlton Zero because beer lovers told us they wanted more opportunities to enjoy beer responsibly.

“Its enormous success proves drinkers have been crying out for a non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes like beer. Adults want alternatives to sugary soft drink and this campaign highlights that Cartlon Zero has 10 times less sugar than regular soft drink.”

Non-alcohol, low alcohol and mid strength beer now make up a quarter of CUB sales. Carlton Zero is driving a non-alcoholic beer revolution in Australia, with bottle shop sales of non-alcoholic beer increasing 13-fold in the six months after Zero’s launch compared to the same period a year earlier.

Market research by CUB reveals adults of all ages enjoy Carlton Zero, particularly men and women between 25 and 34 with fit and active lifestyles. They are triathletes, runners and footy players.

Women make up 41% of Carlton Zero’s market, compared to 37% for alcoholic beers. Despite being non-alcoholic, Carlton Zero is marketed to adults in strict accordance with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code.

“It’s giving people the freedom to enjoy their favourite drink in places where beer is not usually consumed.” Mr Filipovic said. “There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Carlton Zero at lunch time at the office or if you are a designated driver.”

Carlton Zero is brewed using the same methods and ingredients as other CUB beers to ensure it actually tastes like a beer. The alcohol is removed at the end of the brewing process by reducing the pressure on the beer to separate the alcohol from it.

“We know Australians’ drinking habits are changing,” Mr Filipovic said. “We’re innovating to keep pace and the figures show consumers are loving it.”

The TV ad will start airing this month, with a radio and digital campaign to follow.


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