06 Aug



Cascade is pleased to announce we’re discontinuing the use of plastic six-pack ring packaging on our cans.

It’s a great outcome for the Tasmanian environment and demonstrates our continued commitment to sustainability in Tasmania and beyond.

The Cascade Brewery is the first in Carlton & United Breweries’ (CUB) stable to stop using plastic rings on six-packs, ahead of the same change being made in our other breweries over the next 12 months.

More than 1 million plastic six-pack ring packages leave the Cascade Brewery each year, meaning this move will have a significant benefit.

We know that the plastic six-pack ring packaging has a damaging effect on wildlife and the environment and we’re pleased to have recently finalized the installation of new equipment at our Cascade Brewery allowing us to package our cans only in cardboard, without using plastic.

The new cardboard packaging will come into the Tasmanian market over the next couple of months.

Earlier this year CUB announced our 2025 Sustainability Goals, including a commitment that 100% of our products will be in packaging that is returnable or made from majority recycled content by 2025. We believe the responsibility for our product extends well after the last mouthful of beer has been drunk.

We are constantly looking for ways to increase the recycled material in our packaging, increase recycling rates around Australia through the recovery and reuse of glass and aluminium, and reduce the amount of material we use in our packaging.

The Cascade Brewery has been a part of Tasmania since 1832, something we’re very proud of, and we continue to invest at the brewery to ensure Cascade – and the other beers brewed there – are great tasting, well loved, environmentally friendly brands that Tasmanians can be proud of.

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For further comment, contact:

Reid Sexton Carlton & United Breweries / Cascade Brewery

Telephone: 03 8626 2036, 0413 777 393


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