16 Jul

Our Recipe for a Successful Team

Our Recipe for a Successful Team

We take great care in developing the recipes for our beers and ciders, choosing the best ingredients in the perfect amounts to create exceptional products that our customers love. It’s only logical, then, that if we take such care with our products, we must also take seriously the ingredients and recipe for creating the ultimate team.

The perfect combination of hops, water, grain and yeast – plus the occasional secret ingredient – creates beer.

So what are the secret ingredients for a successful team at Carlton United Breweries?

  • Sharing a dream. Working towards the same vision energises and inspires everyone to pull together to achieve our common goal — Bringing people together for a better world.
  • Acting as owners. When everyone is ready to roll up their sleeves and work beyond the bounds of their position description, we can deliver amazing results.
  • Desire to be continually challenged. Never completely satisfied with our results, we challenge one another to do better and be better, always looking for the next opportunity or the latest innovation that could disrupt the industry.
  • Leading by example. Leadership is not just a responsibility of the managers or executives at CUB. Leading by personal example is a value that is at the core of our culture, and everyone is encouraged to step up.
  • Shared learning and knowledge. We all bring different skills and experiences to CUB, and sharing these with one another helps us build stronger teams.
  • Diversity, in every way. The more opinions and perspectives that are shared, the greater the range of ideas we have to work with and the better the outcomes for all. Everyone at CUB has a voice and we want to hear each and every one of them.

“In the People team we encourage the team to come up with creative ideas and work with their colleagues to bring them to life. Our recent internal Careers Fest is a great example and a first for CUB. A small team came together with different perspectives and skills to create an energising and successful festival.”
– Madelyn Ring, People Director Commercial

Like the recipes for our beers, our recipe for building a successful team is tried and tested. Working with people who have something new to teach you and who challenge you every day is inspiring, and is central to the success of the individuals who work at CUB, as well as of the organisation itself.

“We’re so much more powerful together; unlocking the combined thinking, experience and potential of the team means that the plans we develop are stronger, ultimately leading to better business results.” – Brian Phan, Brand Director – Commercial

There are a few final ingredients that include generous portions of integrity and hard work, plus a few handfuls of fun and laughter. And at the end of the day, we all come together to celebrate our wins with a cider or beer: it’s the perfect recipe for a successful team.

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