02 Nov

Owning your career

Owning your career

At CUB we look for people who take pride in their work and who believe, like we do, in the spirit of ownership when it comes to their careers. We value those who are prepared to take calculated risks and who are driven to make the most of the opportunities they are offered to build something great.

Everyone approaches their career development in their own way. Strategies for building a successful career might include volunteering for projects, stepping into vacant roles or networking to build relationships. We spoke to some members of the Commercial team at CUB to see how they have taken their careers into their own hands.

Laura King, who is Senior National Activation Manager, believes that the key is creating connections. ‘I do this through leveraging CUB’s programs, such as the Careers Fair, mentoring programs and the Amber League, to build networks and knowledge about the wider business. I also take the initiative to reach out and connect with colleagues to find out about new opportunities or openings that I might not otherwise have been aware of. It’s so important, when presented with these opportunities, that I keep an open mind about what could be the next step in my career path.’

As Regional Sales Director at CUB, Danny Savage also believes in keeping an open mind.

‘Having a long-term dream in mind, in addition to knowing your “why” and remaining open to fresh possibilities is crucial to growing your career. This approach has always helped me and made my career decisions pretty simple. When opportunities have presented themselves, I ask myself firstly, “Will this move help me get to where I want to be in the longer term?” and secondly, ”is it aligned to my natural strengths while stretching me at the same time?”’ Danny put this into practice when considering his current role. ‘This role wasn’t necessarily part of my career plan, but I kept an open mind when the opportunity presented itself and was able to make a pretty quick decision to relocate to another state and get involved with a great team.’

Area Sales Manager Nicole Kearns has been able to steer her own career path in several ways. ‘I’ve taken the opportunity to step up and cover vacant roles, as well as taking roles on major project teams to gain experience, demonstrate my capabilities and gain exposure to different areas of the business. I’m always ready to take on additional responsibilities in order to stretch myself, and to seek out opportunities in different areas of the business to diversify my experience. I also believe that being an active participant in training programs I’ve attended and endeavoring to put into practice in the real world the things I’ve learned has helped me to build my career in the way that I want.’

Like everyone at CUB, Laura, Danny and Nicole each have a unique approach to creating their desired career path. There is no wrong or right way. Anything is possible at CUB if you’re willing to work hard, take some risks and steer your own career in the direction you want.


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