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The Carlton Brewhouse experience can be enjoyed at one of Australia’s largest breweries: Abbotsford in Melbourne, Victoria. Enjoy brewery tours, great hospitality and a fun and informative encounter with Australia’s finest beers.


Abbotsford Brewhouse interior

Located just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the Carlton BrewHouse Abbotsford sits alongside the historic Abbotsford Brewery, the home of Carlton Draught. This iconic Melbourne brewery produces brews more than 20 great beers and packs around 420 million litres of beer each year – that’s 1.1 billion stubbies or 280 Olympic swimming pools! Abbotsford’s purpose built visitor facility showcase more than 100 years of brewing history and prowess through engaging tours and displays. See the brewing process first hand before returning to the Brewhouse to enjoy tastings, lunch and browse in the Beer Gear shop.

Carlton Brewhouse Visitors’ Centre Website

CASCADE BREWERY Visitors’ Centre

Cascade Brewery, Hobart, Tasmania

Cascade Brewery Co. is Australia’s oldest brewery and one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations. The Brewery is minutes from the centre of Hobart, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Mt Wellington and surrounded by three acres of heritage gardens.

Established in 1824 by Peter Degraves, the Cascade Brewery Co has nearly 200 years of stories behind its doors and the Visitors’ Centre guides know just about every one of them. The Cascade Brewery Visitor Centre offers a 90 minute Brewery tour or a Heritage tour, alternatively you can enjoy lunch and a glass of Tasmania’s finest beer in Australia’s largest beer garden!

In 1832 Brewery founder Peter Degraves promised to make only “genuine beer….. beer that cannot be excelled in this colony” and visitors can taste the results of his far reaching vision while soaking up views of the brewery and the mountain from the Visitors Centre Bar.

Cascade Brewery Visitors’ Centre Website