Our contribution


The beer industry contributes $16.8b to the Australian economy, or 1% of our GDP. All up, the beer industry supports around 105,000 jobs in manufacturing, transport, retail, hospitality, tourism and agriculture.

At CUB, we directly employ over 1,600 Australians at our Melbourne head office and five breweries at Abbotsford, Yatala, Cascade, Brookvale and Adelaide.

Australians are drinking moderately: per capita alcohol consumption is at its lowest point in 40 years. We’ve been monitoring consumer trends and leading the way on midstrength and light beer options since the 1980s – and today light and midstrength options like Carlton Mid and Great Northern Super Crisp represent around 20% of our beers.

CUB plays a significant part in generating economic activity partnering with a range of businesses, including small businesses. We value our small business partners and understand that payment times are important for small business supplier. That’s why CUB has responded to the request of small suppliers for shorter payment times by changing our policy in March 2020. Our small supplier payment policy is that from 31 March 2020 we will pay our small business suppliers within 30-days from the end of the month in which we receive a correct invoice from them. We define a small business as having a turnover of up to $10 million per annum.




Our parent company, AB InBev, is investing at least US $1 billion globally by 2025 towards campaigns and programs that reduce the harmful use of alcohol. Find out more about our Smart Drinking Goals here.

In Australia, CUB was a founding member of DrinkWise, and we’re one of the largest financial contributors towards its campaigns to tackle harmful drinking practices.

We voluntarily adopted pregnancy warning labels on our products to tackle foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and we are signatories to the Alcohol Beverage Advertising Code, enforcing responsible marketing of alcohol.


We’re committed to reducing our water usage and improving our efficiency across our breweries. And we’re especially proud that our Yatala brewery in Queensland is a world leader in water efficiency. We’re also committed to sustainable energy, and by 2025 100% of our purchased electricity will come from renewable sources.

We’re using recycled material in our packaging and supporting the recovery of our bottles. We’re proud to say that our bottle portfolio in Australia is now considered best in class when it comes to sustainable packaging.