Our Dream

Connecting people for a better Australia.

We’re incredibly proud of our rich history and the work we do at CUB as we endeavour to advance our legacy of brewing great beverages and building great brands that have been connecting people across Australia for generations.

Our consumers lead us to innovate, adapt, and improve in everything we do. Our customers drive us forward, without them we wouldn’t exist.

We celebrate our differences and similarities as we work together, building on one another’s ideas and efforts. When we fail, we fail together, when we succeed, we succeed together.

At CUB, we don’t shy away from change. We embrace it. We dream big and always seek out the next opportunity to drive our business forward. For us, anything is possible.

As Australia has shaped us, we’ve shaped it. We’ve supported Australians through fires, floods and droughts. We’ve created jobs in almost every city and town across Australia, from farming and manufacturing, to pubs and clubs. We’ve invested in communities, and have probably had a hand in creating a few lifelong friendships.

We are united by our past, present and future. We are united by our dream to connect people for a better Australia. We are Carlton & United Breweries.


Our Principles