09 Sep

Matter of fact, get the jab so we can get back to earning a thirst

Matter of fact, get the jab so we can get back to earning a thirst

Victoria Bitter will evoke the spirit of its famous anthem to encourage Australians to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The campaign will launch today and will call on Aussies to help us get back to working up a hard earned thirst.

“So if you’d like to get back to leading a band, or lending a hand, roll up your sleeves, and get the jab,” the new ad says. “Matter of fact, I got mine now.”

The classic 53-year-old VB anthem is one of Australia’s most iconic and loved advertising songs, celebrating knock-off from a day of hard work with a refreshing cold beer.

The new ad has the iconic images and music but with new words: “Right now you can’t get it goalin’, you can’t get it bowlin’. You can’t get it takin’ a vow, or chasin’ a cow.

“A hard earned thirst comes from being all over town. Not from being in lockdown.”

VB’s Head of Marketing Brian Phan said the campaign encouraged Australians to get vaccinated so people across the country can return to work and re-unite with family and friends.

“This will support hospitality and business more broadly by encouraging Aussies to get the jab so we can re-open all of Australia’s pubs, clubs, construction sites, offices, shops and everywhere else you earn a hard earned thirst.

“VB has been celebrating ‘taking a vow’, ‘chasing a cow’ and ‘leading a band’ for more than half a century. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken nearly all of these activities away from us. And let’s be honest, you can’t really earn one sitting on the couch or doing a puzzle. It’s a serious issue, but our Aussie sense of humour is still important during a pandemic.”

VB is proudly owned by Asahi Beverages, which last year acquired Carlton & United Breweries.

Robert Iervasi, Group CEO of Asahi Beverages said: “Re-opening businesses and re-uniting with loved ones is critical for the wellbeing of all Australians. We hope we can play a small role in this unprecedented national effort to roll up our sleeves together and ensure Australia’s long-term recovery.”

Australian Hotels Association Chief Executive Stephen Ferguson threw his support behind the new campaign, saying: “We have all missed the social things in life like gathering with mates at the pub for a beer. The sooner we all get vaccinated, the sooner we can get all get back to living.”

Clubs Australia CEO Josh Landis added: “Your local club can’t wait to swing open the doors and start serving fully vaccinated patrons. It is so important for us all to get the jab so that we can enjoy an ice-cold VB at our favourite venues once again.”

The new campaign will run on TV in states presently in lockdown and across the country digitally, supported with some print advertising. It will run for at least a month to help Australia achieve National Cabinet’s requirement of 80 per cent vaccinations before wide-spread lockdowns end.

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